Propulsion-Energy Systems

Alternatives Energies offer complete Propulsion-Energy systems for zero emission and hybrid ships:


NFPE4TIM2Design of the whole system taking into account ship architectural specificities, onboard equipments to power, operating conditions, weather conditions and all other possible constraints.

Design takes into acount span life, maintenance, rules and safety, energy saving and payback time.

Design includes :

  • A complete list of all consumers including propulsion and onboard equipment
  • The selection of a system layout in agreement with the client depending on operating conditions
  • Selection and sizing of components for a professional use
  • Sizing of the battery pack based upon an aging and cycling analysis
  • Electric drawing
  • CAD integration in the ship
  • Rules management


System architecture

A large range of electric and hybrid packages

  • Electric ZE
  • Range Extender RE
  • Series hydrid ZE/DE
  • Parallel hybrid ZE/ICE

Ship integration

Thanks to our experience in naval architecture, we can deal easily with ship designers in order to properly address subdivision layout, weight schedule and trim of the ship

  • Weight schedule and size of the system
  • CAD integration into ship project


Electric propulsion

  • High efficiency electric motor and drive
  • Power range 10kW-150kW
  • InBoard Brushless Aluminium Synchronous or Asynchronous
  • Synchronous brushless POD, immersed, rotating and lifting (10kW-30kW) with external frame
  • Motor drive programmation
  • Cooling system
  • Transmission using belt or PHT (parallel hybrid)



  • Battery capacity 100kWh and more
  • High quality and certified Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells. Build by leading manufacturers.
  • Design and building of battery boxes
  • Temperature control system
  • Safety and fire system
  • Proven spanlife up to seven years
  • Five year warranty, gradually decreasing



High quality components with a proven marine use over the years

  • 24 DC power grid through driven DC/DC converter
  • DC/AC inverter to provide 400V tri AC power grid.
  • Modular 220V AC/ 300V-700VDC driven battery charger
  • 220V AC/ 24VDC driven battery charger



  • Battery recharge management
  • Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT)


  • Design and specification
  • Harmonic and regeneration management



  • Hybrid or Electric vehicle control unit
  • Monitoring of all the managed component of the Propulsion-Energy system
  • Management of display and control in wheelhouse (MMI)
  • Management of safety components (warning, alarm, on/off)
  • Log of operating parameters
  • Bidirectionnal communication with on shore Alternatives Energies server


Man-Machine Interface (MMI)

  • Wheelhouse multi-page display of Propulsion-Energy parameters
  • Wheelhouse display of warning and multi-level alarm
  • Customisation depending on ship and operator
  • Electric motor control using joystick or using the IC engine control (hybrid)
  • Ergonomic mode switch unit (hybrid)



  • Component set-up
  • Wiring
  • in-yard and sea trials



Our maintenance services :

  • User and maintenance guide
  • Hotline
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostic tool
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Planned replacement
  • Repair

System service rate close to 100%