Alternatives Energies design and build ship especially adapted to electric or hybrid propulsion. One of their main advantage is their low energy consumption.

  • Reduced drag thanks to substancial hydrodynamic studies
  • Minimized weight at all level :
    • use of aluminium and composite materials
    • weight saving due to the use of refined structural analysis
    • selection of light furniture and equipment
  • Increased propulsion efficiency by using propeller specifically designed for electric motors
  • Auxiliary consumption reduced with the use of economical technologies : LED, heating system & AC by air/water heat pump

The slightly higher cost of the ship is balanced by the reduction of battery capacity and engine power

Alternatives Energies can provide electric and hybrid ships, from 10 meters to 35 meters long, in two ways :

  • Adaptation, to the client specifications, of composite material platform which have been pre-studied and for which mould shapes are available
    • variable length
    • custom superstructures
    • any equipment
    • large panel of propulsion, batteries, photovoltaic, hybridation,...
  • 100% custom design
    • monohull or multihull
    • composite materials or aluminium
    • etc...