EnergyBox, our new concept for onboard ship energy

The solar ferry ADITYA is fitted with the two first EnergyBox designed by Alternatives Energies and its partner EVE System.

As the name suggests, EnergyBox is a single box including all the components involved the storage, conversion and distribution of electric energy. One can find batteries, charger, electric engine controller, DC/DC converter, monitoring, solar production optimizer... as well as integrated ventilation systems.

The EnergyBox simply presents four I/O for the engine, the deckhouse IHM, the wharf recharge plug and the photovoltaic installation. It communicate though a GSM link.

This concept has several advantages :

  • the possibility to test on bench the whole energy propulsion system
  • easy shipping
  • quick installation onboard the ship without any technical hazard
  • compactness, saving room in the ship
  • easy maintenance
  • economic system

The EnergyBox concept will be adapted depending on the capacity and power of the various components.

EnergyBoxe Opened 640x285