Alternatives Energies selected to provide the hybrid propulsion and energy system of French nany Multi Mission crafts

IXBLUE/H2X and CEGELEC ship yards, in association with Alternatives Energies and BE Mauric have won the bid for the design and building of 8 hybrid multi-missions crafts (Chalands Multi Missions - CMM).

These 24m long ships will be the very first French navy surface vessels to be fitted with a hybrid propulsion including lithium batteries. Thanks to this system, no emission will be produced during missions such as diving school, underwater works or clean-up. However, generators will be used to reach the mission area.

For this project, Alternatives Energies has proposed the Hybrid Serie Solution which has been validated on Toulon's EBB, plus the means to power, again with no emission, auxiliaries and hull equipement such as crane, windlass, winch, compressors.

The first CMM will be launched in LaCiotat in April 2017.

CMM Mauric