1997 : Creation of the company named "Alternatives Energies" initiated by Philippe PALLU DE LA BARRIERE, manager of CRAIN, following a win in the European Challenge of Solar Boat.

1998 : The "Passeur Electrique", a 35 seats ferry is put into service in La Rochelle, operated by the transportation service of the city. That is the first Electric Ship to be used for a permanent urban link. The "Passeur" (The Ferryman) is fitted with immersed and lifting azimuthal Electric Motors® and can be charged by Induction System® during calls. The "Passeur" is still running, along with the "Passeur Electrique 2" since 2003.

2006 : Julian Helene join the company and will later become its Assistant Managing Director. Start of  partnership with "EVE System" , company specialized into electric and hybrid vehicle.

2007 : Two inland shuttles, 80 seats each, are put into service in Paris, for ICADE company. In 2009-2010, two other ferries have been added. This fleet carries more than one million passengers per year. This prooves the reliability and maturity of the technology developed by Alternatives Energies.

2010 : Alternatives Energies moves from Nickel-Cadmium baterries to Lithium Iron-Phosphate technology.

2013 : Hybrid Propulsion-Energy system are put into service onto two ferries which are operated by Toulon transportation service. Theses ships are running half time below 7 knots using batteries and at 12 knots the rest of the times using generator. Theses ships are the first to be used for a permanent marine trans-harbour link.

Currently, ferries, shuttles  build and/or using Propulsion Energy System from Alternatives Energies  are running in La Rochelle, Paris, Marseille, Les Sables d'Olonne, Cognac, Toulon, Concarneau.