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Why an Electric Propulsion-Energy system?

Our 100% Electric Propulsion-Energy systems use neither diesel oil neither any fossil fuel. They provide an all day service at authorized speed on river and sheltered water.

The main property of a 100% Electric Propulsion-Energy system is to be respectful for the environment by avoiding any emanation of polluting or greenhouse gas, and by decreasing ambient noise level.

Enhanced passenger comfort

  • Silent
  • No emission of harmful particle
  • Odourless
  • No vibration

Friendly to the environment

  • No greenhouse gas (GHG) emission
  • No noise disturbance
  • Recyclable battery pack

Operator benefits

  • Low energy cost (power grid or photovoltaic recharge)
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Very high maneuverability (using podded propulsion)
  • Safety

Why an hybrid Propulsion-Energy system?

In some cases, the range of the 100% electric propulsion need to be extended.

Hybrid solutions allow switching between electric propulsion and internal combustion engine modes or using a combination of both modes at the same time.

In the event of operating conditions including a combination of high speed transit and low speed area (harbour, tourist tour, work area,...), the ship can alternate between electric propulsion and IC engines.

In the case where extra power is required due to specific operating conditions (such as strong current) or in the case where the range needs to be extended (longer daily service), electric energy may be combined with internal combustion energy (using booster or range extender)


  • Theses of 100% electric propulsion while using electric mode
  • IC engine is always working at its rated speed : reduced consumption, extended span life

Why a ship optimized for electric propulsion?

It is a ship where energy consumption has been reduced at all levels :

  • hull shape
  • propeller
  • building material
  • maneuverability
  • automatic docking
  • thermal insulation
  • navigation equipment
  • comfort items


  • Less energy to store
  • Wake wave reduction
  • Comfort
  • Connected boat for more efficient service