Navettes du Millénaire

A new way to move into Paris

The "Navette du Millénaire" (Millénaire Shuttle) provide a link between the subway station "Corentin Cariou" (line 7) and the 110 000 m² of offices in the brand new "Parc du Millénaire" (Millenium park), every 10 minutes five days a week.

Each of the two ferries sailing on the "Canal Saint Martin" can transport 75 passengers who really appreciate silence and comfort onboard.

Thanks to the power and maneuverability of the boats, drivers have no difficulty to sail in the narrow channel, whatever the weather is. The fast hook system combined with automatic doors allow time saving during call.

The very low consumption of those boats lead to a daily energy cost no more expensive than 1.5 € per day (recharging during low cost hours). With the "Navette du Millénaire", Alternatives Energies has shown its ability to produce zero emission boats that can be fully integrated in the transportation network of a major european city.


NFPE4 nav 640x427

Name L'Estrée, la Montjoie,
le Lendit & le Flandre
Location Aubervilliers
Energy & Propulsion AltEn 32x32Électrique Zéro Émission
Ship Yard AltEn 32x32
Design AltEn 32x32
Owner logo ICADE 260x150
Operator logo vedettesDeParis 260x118
Launch 2006-2009-2013
Working time/ship 4000 hours/an
Operating speed 12 km/h - 6 knots
Fleet trafic/year 1 200 000 passengers/year
Type Catamaran
Hull and Deck Composites sandwich GFRP
Cabin Aluminium & Composite
Platform #2 (50 to 100 passengers)
Main particulars
Length 15.00 m
Width 5.00 m
Light Weight 12 T
Loaded Weight 19 T
Draft 0.7m to 1.2m
Free Board 0.7m
Passengers area 68m2
Passengers Capacity 75
Passengers seats 35
Wheeling Chairs 2
Bikes 4
Crew 2
Safety Rules Bureau Véritas (BV)
Passenger Ships,
Inland navigation
Engine and Energy
Engine 2 azimuthal lifting pods
Power 2 x 22 kW
GenSet Power -
Batteries Technology Lithium-FePO4
Batteries Capacity 110 kW/h - 160 kW/h
Batteries Weight 1200 kgs - 1700 kgs
Full charge duration 5 h
Supercharge -
Solar Panels 21m2 2.7 kWc
Maximun Speed 9 knots
16 km/h
Giration Radius 5m
Autonomy using batteries 7 h - 9 h**
Over autonomy from Solar panel 1,5 h**
Extra range -
Trip length on batteries 80 km - 120 km**
Passengers-km consumption 14 Wh/km - 0.05 MJ/km**

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